The word Dynamic comes from the word dynamite! Explosive, that would be a great way to describe worship at Grapevine Baptist Church. We emphasize one thing and one thing only in our worship!
God! Now that may sound simple to some, but so few actually do that. We recognize only God in our worship time. When you come to Grapevine we will not spend time telling jokes, singing happy birthday to you, making announcements or shaking hands, we just worship! We call it 75 minutes of pure praise. The Bible says that God inhabits the praise of his people. So we believe that if we just concentrate on his presence and praise Him in worship that God shows up and honors us in worship. Powerful, Holy Spirit filled worship that changes lives. Hundreds come each Sunday to be exposed to the presence of God, hear his voice and feel his leadership in their lives, Like we said dynamic. Red and yellow black and white they are precious in his sight, all are welcome, for our God loves all. It is different, it is powerful it is blessed and it is life changing.  Come experience the presence of God with us!!